KDE 4.6 or GNOME 3?

Hey there huys! Just wanted to ask you which Desktop Environment are you using and which are the up’s and down’s from your experience? You can even state what is the computer usually directed at (work, home, etc).

Personally I use KDE 4.6 all the way, either at work or at home. I never liked very much of the GNOME appearance but in the last two days I gave it a try. The GNOME 3 is quite fashionable all though I still have to get the grips of it.

How about you?

As Gnome 3 is brand new, and not technically stable Im not sure what to make of it. But I have always been GNOME; couldn’t get on with KDE. Although, I put this down to using GNOME first.
I find gnome very plain-and-simple and works for both home/work for me - programmer
I still love GNOME 2.3 and look forward to what 3 really has to offer as it develops

When Gnome 3 is ready I will be going with that, but until then I’m firmly staying with Gnome 2. Looks like the addition of a “stable” gnome 3 repo has led everyone to believe that Gnome 3 is ready for normal use. It seems this is far from the case, as I have found out and reading through the threads on this forum it seems I am not alone.
I have been using the Gnome Shell for a while now and I am now used to that way of working.

I’m using KDE. I have experimented with the Gnome 3 live CD, and I might even try installing. But that will be for experimentation, not for ordinary use.

From what I have seen thus far, Gnome 3 is not yet ready for prime time.

Overall, I probably prefer KDE. But that does not prevent an experimental install of Gnome 3.

The problem with the ‘GNOME:3.0:STABLE’ repository is quite simple… it was created and software was being migrated there… some people saw the repository and some packages there and strated twitting, facebooking, blogging, etc about it… while in fact there was no official release of that repository… Simple explanation, the repository is still under work…

Once the repository is ready, there will be a release and users will be able to enjoy GNOME3, until then, if you use it, you are using a repository that is in active development, as such… it might not work.

If you look carefully, there was never no official report from the openSUSE GNOME Team that is was ready for user usage.

Same here! I use KDE since I started myself in Linux (and openSUSE) and it seems to have always worked greatly. GNOME is totally experimental for me but one can always try new stuff. I seem to like that top menu bar but I wish it could also present an icon from Evolution. I don’t know why but I have the need to have always the mail program icon visible. For what I understand, Evolution/GNOME(?) doesn’t work that way. Maybe in a near future? For now I’ll try to keep up with the updates from GNOME and test a little bit.