KDE 4.6 not rendering menues and window bars correctly

Hi everyone, I recently installed openSUSE 11.4 on my computer and laptop (both 64bit via dvd, one has AMD CPU and nVidia gpu, the other has intel cpu and graphics card). The problem is that when I move my mouse on close and minimize and maximize buttons of windows sometimes they aren’t rendered correctly, and KDE menues aren’t rendered correctly either, they mix with the background somehow. the menu problem goes away if I change the theme to plastik, but the window problem remains, here are links to some picture of what goes wrong in my system:

request download ticket | ifile.it
request download ticket | ifile.it
request download ticket | ifile.it

btw sorry that I uploaded them in ifile.it server, the other picture upload site like tinypic are blocked in my country.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

PS: Enabling or disabling desktop effects has no effect on the problem.

I am not noticing those problems. But that maybe because I turned off Desktop Effects.

Thanks, but Desktop Effects don’t effect anything. I tried enabling and disabling them but the problem remains.

You could try changing the window decoration from oxigen to something else, or create a new user and see if the problem persist.

I heve seen close/max/min/restore button corruption with an OSX-like theme when 3D effects are disabled. But oxigen, as the default KDE theme, should work OK. Did you change/costumized it in any way?

Curious: what country are you from?

Also, the fact you have the problem both with nvidia and intel graphics lead me to discard driver issues, but if you installed from the same source you may well have a defective DVD, so you may want to check it’s md5sum as explained in the download page.