KDE 4.6.5 froze

I already posted before asking for confirmation but no one replied: KDE 4.6.5 stopped working

The problem is when I change to GTK+ Style theme in KDE, theme gets changed but when rebooted, when I try to open a application whole KDE freezes. Does any one else have same problem? Thanks!

I have never tried the GTK+ Style. So I don’t think I can help you. I reply because I see that nobody else does.
I had a similar problem one year ago: the computer used to freeze every time I changed something related with desktop appareance, effects, etc. I could move the mouse, but that’s it: clicking had no effect, using the keyboard had no visible effect either, etc.
Then I got to know that stopping and starting again the desktop effects (Shift+Alt+F12) everything went into place and work perfectly.
The thread that helped me is this one
Good luck.

A very generic hint: in many cases KDE problems have gone away when you create a new user and run from his account. This will generate fresh config files.