KDE 4.5 Desktop Effects

Just installed openSUSE 11.4 which comes with KDE 4.5. It has taken a while for me to find my way around and I am still trying to change settings so that VLC is default multimedia app rather than Amarok or similar.

Meanwhile I have thankfully found out how to turn off the jerky dimming effect which was being applied when I close a window. Out of interest does anybody know what memory and cpu overhead these effect costs and how many lines of code? More to the point does anybody know who needs them?

Another question. When using Dolphin with column view does anybody know how to have the left margin shown rather than the right. As it is now, with long files names, the right hand end of the filename is shown and to see the directories I have to use a slider to scroll back to the left. I do not recall this being the case before. It used to be that the long file name was cut off unless one scrolled. In that way you could see all the directories and when moving files life was simple. Now this is not the case and actions take longer. Any ideas?


  1. Go to file associations in system/personal settings, search for the file patterns you want (avi, mp4, mkv, etc.) and for each one set VLC as the first app to use when opening the file.

  2. Are you using an accelerated graphics driver? Usually this means installing nvidia or ati proprietary graphics. Intel graphics should work OOTB. Take a look at the sticky here.

System settings>Desktop effects>All effects allows you to enable/disable effects. Note that if your graphics will not support a particular effect, KWin will ignore it. Go to Martin’s Blog and scroll down to the piece on compositing modes.

Hi and many thanks. Found what you suggest (System Settings>File Associations) That solves my problem, many thanks.
Regarding graphics driver I really want to get rid of all the eye candy and overhead it brings with it. Now I have turned off all effects things are looking up. All I need now is for Dolphin to work as it used to.
Thanks again.

It never did, I think you mean konqueror. It’s still in kde4, and still have many features that dophin doesn’t, but it’s not the same anymore (some describe it as “neutered”).
Anyway, in system settings>Standard Applications you can set konqueror as the default file browser. Try it, if you don’t like you can change back easily enough.