kde 4.5.1 phonon

Installed phonon en phonon-backend-xine
Installed VLC beta from Videolan

Now in Systemsettings - Multimedia - Phonon - backend i can choose VLC !!!

Far better then xine

susegebr Installed phonon en phonon-backend-xine
Installed VLC beta from Videolan

Now in Systemsettings - Multimedia - Phonon - backend i can choose VLC !!!

Far better then xine
In what way is vlc better susegebr? Can you go into vlc, modify your configuration and have it effect all kde applications for instance? What kind of speaker sound setup do you have right now? Inquiring minds want to know what better means and I really want to know as you could be very very right here.

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Hello jdmcdaniel3
1e more codecs for VLC far more then xine

2e configuration off VLC has more items you can configure then xine

3e the sound is more crispy and full spectrum compared to xine

All my vcds and dvds work like a charm on a 7.1 surround system (Creative l +r back l+r center and woofer

so the notifications are soundwise better then with xine

and last but not least there is a alsa driver for VLC

i’ve been in a couple discussions about the vlc backend and hopefully it’s benefits, but the rpm that is available in playground (i’m assuming that your previous post which mentions phonon-backend-xine really means phonon-backend-vlc) requires Qt 4.7beta which most users are not using.

myself included. simply having the beta VLC installed doesn’t give you the backend.

Hello j_xavier

There is no phonon-backend-vlc
I installed phonon-backend-xine en de installed phonon-backend-gstreamer

Then installed VLC from videolan

Now in Systemsettings - Multimedia - Phonon - backend i can choose VLC

thats all
hope it helps

There is a Phonon-backend-vlc located in the following repository:

Index of /repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/Playground/openSUSE_11.3_KDE_Distro_Stable

I did load it and it seems to work, or at least it seems to not stop anything from working. I am able to get Dolby Digital 5.1 Pass Through to work in Kaffeine and vlc, but it is hard to know if they are using the selected backend for instance.

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hello jdmcdaniel3

in Systemsettings - Multimedia - Phonon - backend i choose VLC then you have the following devices:

HDA-NVidia analoog
HDA-NVidia digital

Yes susegebr I have the same bottom eight devices you show, but the top five devices are from MY sound card, which is not nVidia, like yours is. So, it seems to be working I think. I have found no advantage or disadvantage so far, just more devices listed. But all audio device still work, just as they did when the xine backend was selected.

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I got VCL as backend choise through installing phonon-vlc from videolan

so no need for a beta phonon-backend vlc BETA

Did not noticed it as i alway install everithing from videolan except vlc-

I did not install the beta either, but my vlc just says it is version 1.1.4 and not, but I am not going to try and find those last .4.4 as I am not sure what difference that would make for a working system.

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now i’m even more confused :), the vlc 1.2beta at:

Index of /pub/vlc/SuSE/

does not show a backend available for me… how you guys ended up with that option seems very mysterious.

Once again j_xavier, to install the phonon-backend-vlc, add the following repository:


As for the vlc beta, it just looks like an older file, replaced by newer ones, which are no longer beta. But that is just what it looks like to me, not being an expert on vlc releases.

Thank You,

VLC 1.1.4 and Beta have the following audio devices:






and each off them have further params to configure

Then in Vlc preferences audio output-module there are more possible entrys you can set
default VLC has output-module default

Myself i use "Simple DirectMedia Layer audio output
that gives no problems with several directoties with ogg files
cause changing directori stops the audio device otherwise


install as mentioned in one off the messages phonon-vlc


install phonon-vlc from videolan that will do

In the vlc backend i have a choise for ‘default’

so ihave all the choises connected to ‘default’

in VLC audio = Simple-DirectMedia Layer audio output

this done i have to take volume back in the kde Mixer

Tho i think this is running through VLC as the volume default is higher there

all references to installed xine are deleted and kde bindings xine except phonon-backend-xine lol!

so no libxine or whatever

Sound is stil working so VLC has taken over Xine

Xine oriented players are deleted as VLC can do a better job i think :wink:

Ater a reboot no sound nomore so the beta phonon-bankend -vlc does not work and i cant find kde-bindings-vlc for kde 4.5.1

So back to the drawing board and install the xine rpm’s

Ihave been on a debian forum , there was the developer off phonon-backend-vlc

i had some questions they were in the forum and there it was VLC 1.2.0beta is not supported bij phonon-backend-vlc not before years end

So deleted vlc 1.2.0beta and
installed vlc 1.1.4
and the rpm phonon-backend-vlc from opensuse repositorie

Deleted phonon-backend-xine


Now everything is working

Now i can hear the notifications for a new window as vlc is playing a hole directory with ogg files

So S U C C E S thanks to all who made phonon-backend-vlc for opensuse

susegebr it is starting to look like you asking and answering questions to yourself. That can be kind of odd. But at least it sounds like you found success.

Thank You,