KDE 4.4 downgrade?

I recently installed openSUSE in my old desktop (2.2GHz P4 with 512 RAM) and did a manual configuration at the end of the install. I saw a KDE upgrade in the recommended updates, and so i installed it. The only problem is, the “upgrade” is a slightly unstable DEVELOPMENT version of KDE: KDE4.5.x I want to “downgrade” back to KDE4.4 The main reason i want the downgrade is because i have discovered that KDE4.5.x is unstable when using the desktop extras (like the cube transition between desktops) and corrupts the swap and /home directories. I am new to linux, newer to openSUSE, and even newer to KDE, so i may be completely missing something. any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Unless you added unstable repos then an update to KDE 4.5 isn’t likely.

As for the corruption I would venture to guess that something else is going on.

ok, apparently the system says i am running kde4.3.5 how do i get 4.4?

From the how-to section of this very board:
Howto: Install KDE4.4 in openSUSE11.2 - openSUSE Forums

Should get you up to KDE4.4.1.

You do know that 4.4 is still beta. Not as unstable as 4.5 but…:X

If you want stability and don’t want to beta test stick with 4.3.5.

If performance is poor on your older hardware, you might want
to keep this link in mind:

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