KDE 4.4 and Updates repo

Will KDE4.4 eventually move into the 11.2 updates or do I have to add the KDE Factory repo to get this update? Thanks in advance.

You will need to stick with the Build Service repos
Of course 11.3 will be released in the Summer, so that might be your next move.

There are 3 KDE4 build service repos: STABLE, FACTORY, UNSTABLE. From
what I understand that packages move thru the repos in the following order:


Currently they have

  • STABLE ---- 4.3.X
  • FACTORY — 4.4.X
  • UNSTALBLE - weekly snapshot

From my understanding, STABLE will contain the KDE build that was
released with the latest openSUSE versoin (currently 11.2). Therefore
STABLE will NOT be updated with KDE 4.4.X until 11.3 is released.

Do I have this correct?

Yes, that’s the way it is now. You will need the factory repo to get 4.4 for now.