KDE 4.4.2 upgrade in multi monitor system

Im running 11.2-64 with the stock KDE (3.5) included with the distro. Recently I messed about attempting an update of Amarok and phonon to get the graphic EQ back for music playback. The “messing about” was not with the one click install offered on the KDE website for 4.4.2…and interestingly the messing about was the day before they “released” 4.4.2-- with the result that I ended up ahhhhh. trashing" the system and having to reload (didnt loose /home tho another reason why I love SUSe…)anyway I ve been looking around and have seen problems mentioned on the KDE forum with multi monitors in their 4.x desktop environment…it is tempting to “just push the button” on the 4.4.2 install and see what happens but Im not sure I want to spend another few hours here repairing things where I have my workspace back.

This machine is used in my home office, a core quad with 2 GB of RAM, Intel motherboard and a pair of NVidia GT 8500 PCIe cards running 3 monitors… am curious if anyone is using 4.4.2 in a multi monitor environment, how the upgrade went and any problems with X server with the new environment??


You know I had dual monitors working with KDE 4.4.2 just last night, but I lost Compositing and so I decided to drop back to KDE 4.3.5 where everything I need works just fine, though the Amarok 2.3.0 needs a newer version of Phonon for the EQ to work.

It is my opinion that we should wait for openSUSE 11.3 to come out before going up to a newer version of KDE. I don’t think it will be that long from now and many of those issues will be solved by then. I do know what you mean though about wanting to upgrade to a newer version of KDE. I have tried it twice and was able to downgrade back once and had to reload SUSE once to get back to normal.

Some of our more advanced SUSE users here seem more successful however.

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Thanks very much for the information…pretty much everything I need works now in 3.5… since Im using it in a semi production environment I probably will do as you suggest and wait until 11.3. I ve run several iterations of SUSe in multi monitor situations on different platforms and in some tis been pretty challenging – in others-- like now, not so much.

It would be interesting to hear from others about their experiences. What kind of graphics solution are you using? I wonder about the sometimes lame (to me) NVidia X screen configuration tool and how many problems that can contribute to something either working well or not at all…Im demonstrating admitted ignorance of how SUSe works here because I do not understand how all of the layers fit together i.e.what runs on top of what and so forth, how the desktop environment affects and is affected by video drivers, configuration and the like.

Any idea on when 11.3 will be out?? I like 11.2-64 very much so far with the exception on one rough spot earlier on in the release-- and it was with an earlier version of the NVidia driver I believe.

It would be great if one of our gurus could post either some sort of simple flow diagram of the desktop/video solution/machine interface…or whats dependent on what, where for various system calls and so forth… it would be interesting to know this to understand further what we are messing about with.

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Interesting article with a simple diagram here

X Window System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Not sure how relevant this is to our distro but…

I have an nVidia 8800 GT video card and use the latest nVidia driver you must load manually and which gets wiped out on each kernel update. None the less, it is fast, it is solid and the built-in KDE monitor switching works just fine or I can use the nVidia Server Settings program.

As for when openSUSE 11.3 comes out it is scheduled for a Jul 15 2010, openSUSE 11.3 Public Release. Not that long from now and not too long to wait in my opinion.

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Thanks very much for the information.