KDE 4.4.2 desktop running really slow?

Here’s a nice story that I just had to share:

I booted my hybrid openSUSE 11.2/KDE4.4.2/kernel head 2.6.34-rc3-7-desktop computer yesterday and was greeted by 65432 incomplete disk transactions (sort of like a fsck thing but for reiserfs).

That didn’t really bother me because I see it fairly often, it’s no big deal especially when running an encrypted filesystem as I do.

Then later as I was doing lots of disk housekeeping, ie moving files to and from my USB drive and network server and doing backups, things started to get very weird.

The whole computer started running very slow, windows would take ages to refresh, switching desktops took a lot longer than normal, and the whole thing felt sluggish.

A reboot didn’t help either after it got unbearably slow.

It did the same thing today so I thought I’d run an update to see if maybe KDE had some improvements for me to fix the problem.

That’s when I noticed the cause of my problem - zypper gave me a “disk full” error, it seems that my 15 gig root partition had only 4k free space left!

Very odd I thought, so I went off to investigate.

It seems my /tmp/kde-me folder was filled with ALL the files I had deleted yesterday using Dolphin’s “delete” function. A function that is SUPPOSED to bypass the trash/recycle bin function and completely remove the files from my system when I ask it to.

Not only was this extremely annoying and nearly caused me to trash everything and re-install, but it could also be a massive security risk.

So I just wanted to warn anyone using KDE 4.2.2 build 238, that their files might not be getting deleted, but rather moved into the /tmp folder instead!

Plus if your system is suddenly doing odd things, maybe check your disk usage.

I would view files intended to be deleted with the GUI,

but ending up instead in a /tmp folder to be an issue that should be fixed.

Perhaps Novell believes we never actually want to delete anything!

IIRC this phenomenon starts to appear when /tmp is flooded. I wanted to delete thing, trash wouldn’t work, and it wouldn’t bypass the trash. Emptying /tmp at boot solved the whole problem.

Isn’t delete from GUI, right click on file and choose delete (after setting up KDE to do so) and so should it not delete?

Or I this a drop it in the trash thing?

Delete works for me
Or you can SHIFT+Delete

No /tmp issues or slowness either