KDE 4.4.00 to 4.4.1 ?

I have repo:
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.2

but this does seem to update only releases of 4.4.00

How do I get 4.4.1?

You’re jumping the gun a little, mate. :wink: According to the release schedule, 4.4.1 will won’t be released until March 2nd.

4.4.1 will show up in the Factory repository shortly after that.

Aha… well, good…
I was confused as I saw one bug that I suffer from was “fixed in 4.4.1”…
I thought my repo is old :slight_smile:

Good info…I’m also on that repo and KDE 4.4 and it’s so stable, I was debating whether to go to 4.4.1…isn’t that Beta?

Each version after 4.4.0 is a bugfix release, which usually is released once a month until 4.5 will roll around in about six months, I believe.

I got updated today via zypper dup to:

Platform Version 4.4.1 (KDE 4.4.1) “release 225”

with KDE Factory Repo enabled…said I wasn’t gonna do this…but, did it anyway…:wink: so far, so good

For me, 4.4.00 was not stable as I was expiriencing some bugs on widgets, k3b etc…
Now, 4.4.1 seems to fix it.

it’s going good for me as well…I didn’t have a bug with 4.4 that I was aware of anyway.

But still, bug that I reported (reboot to another grub menu) is not working.