KDE 4.3.x and Dolphin quirks

Do any of you have sometimes problem with dolphin freezing for couple of seconds??

For example, i got 20 files, i highlight them with mouse in order to delete them, and sometimes dolphin freezes for couple of seconds then wakes up to open the options menu (right click).

I am considering to file a BUG but i am not sure how i could pin point where the problem is.

Mentioned on the Arch forums… Don’t think anything there helps though.

Arch Linux Forums / Problems after update do 4.3.2

Hmmm, that’s not good then :slight_smile:

I don’t have it always but it sometimes makes me angry (and i get all green and aggressive :wink: )

Otherwise, KDE keeps getting better and better.

Long are gone times when people were spitting on KDE (KDE 4.0 hello ;)?? )

Now KDE 4.3.x is the king and will probably remain king for years to come :slight_smile:

P.S. Anyone got some quirks to report ??

I’m jealous - I broke mine :slight_smile:

Will fix it soon, but busy right now, so XFCE is doing the work.

You could try deleting .kde4 - some comments in that thread suggesting it helped, some not.

I could move it and restore some settings BUT i don’t want to set everything up from the beginning :confused:

mv ~/.kde4/share/apps/dolphin ~/.kde4/share/apps/dolphin.bak


ETA - actually, doesn’t look like there’s much in there…

If i am not wrong then there are most kde 4 apps settings and databases (amarok):slight_smile:

It is too late for me now to start playing with that BUT thank You very much for pointing me to the arch forum where that problem has been reported.

Have a good night and thanks! :slight_smile:

No worries - good luck with it. :slight_smile:

Can you guys try TAB auto complete in Konqueror ‘show terminal emulator’

Caf - looks fine to me (for paths and commands), but I’ve never used it before… Something specific to look for?

BBR, in case you didn’t notice -

User keither on arch forums writes

So I was having similar problems with Dolphin, and everything started working beautifully once I disabled Nepomuk. I have no idea why, but perhaps this is something to try.

Dolphin works like a dream. Just K that doesn’t auto-complete with TAB. I’ll look in to it. Thanks.

I have yet to hit that BUG again, as is always the case, when you want to pinpoint a problem then everything always works fine :smiley:

But it fails on the other times:D

It must have had a bad hair day, because it’s working now. Thanks for your time.:slight_smile:

caf, your post count is BIGlol!

Hell, are you paid by Novell and sit on this forum 24/7 except when you sleep, eat and go to the john?

Paid! No, but I get a free OS.:wink:

My count will slow down a little ATM because I’m fairly busy. But just doing my bit to help out.

Good point:)

Anyway, You are the man,and not just because of the posts count (in fact everyone could post things like aaaaaaaaaaa and it would count as one) but for the quality of your posts. You have helped A LOT people in here, and i hope to see you here for the next 20 years to guide the blind followers who want to get rid of windows and live outside where there are no gates or windows:)

Anywho :slight_smile: I’ll invite you for a keg of beer whenever i see you.


By jove, he’s right! :wink:

keg of beer
Tee Total mate, sorry. No weirdness about that, it literally makes me ill.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.:wink:

Then how about a fine wine?? You couldn’t say no to a fine french wine :slight_smile:

You are one of the greatest contributors here and i hope you’ll be healthy as long as possible to contribute a little longer than those 20 years :slight_smile:

P.S. I personally don’t drink beer but most people drink it so i thought you do like it (since most people do). Anyway keep it up!!

Last point off topic.
Tee Total = Teetotalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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