KDE 4.3 STABLE one click install actually 4.1?

Hello I go to use the STABLE KDE 4.3 one click install and I am informed by yast that I will be in fact installing a 4.1 base desktop. anyone know why this would be happening? Thanks

Which one click are you using? Oh, never mind. You said stable lol! I need glasses!

Have you looked at the guide here -> KDE 4.3.2 How To for 11.1? I honestly prefer this option since I know it replaces everything. It’s a big change to go from 4.1 to 4.3.* and I would recommend going through 4.2.* first as per the guides instructions.

Good luck.

Trouble is kde4.2 is defunct now.
And as far as I know there is no Oneclick for 4.3.2, only for 4.3.1 from Factory

And to be honest there is so much movement in these repo’s ATM I would just hang on until 11.2 is released, even some of the advanced users are getting confused.

I’m already using 11.2 RC2 (did a dup last night)
It’s on 4.3.1 and until release I have no intention of adding to the default kde

Sorry didn’t mention it before but I (did) upgrade from 4.2 and am using the factory repository, an Dexter1979 I upgraded as instructed in the link you provided.

No worries. Hope it’s OK for you.

Cool, glad it worked. :slight_smile: