KDE 4.3 released

I am installing it now.

Not the first thread on this.
Installing: So am I:)

Crap. I did a search and didn’t see anything.

I can tell it’s good for me;)

I found that other thread. I must learn to keep my search keywords simple, lol.

I bound 2 keys to calculator and ksnapshot but neither application will launch when I press the key. This problem has been with my for the last couple of release candidates and now the final release. I have no idea how to fix it.

I have been having issues with ksnapshot as well. I have it bound to my print screen so I hope it stays. Go to the startmenu>Configure Desktop Then go down to Global Keyboard Shortcuts. Under the KDE component at the top of that choose khotkeys. That is where I found the printscreen and bound ksnapshots to it. I hope it stays this time.

As far as the calculator I am using the widget on my desktop for that.

For many it’s been working better to go via menu edit to ksnapshot and advanced

I have had no problems mind you!

the bug you submitted, are you tracking it??
what do they say, are they gonna fix it…soon??


I just rebooted my computer and the keybinding for ksnapshot finally stayed as well as my keybindings for my volume and mute buttons which are working now and I never even touched them this time. They just stared to work on their own, lol.

Didn’t you see the new hidden self healing button! Guess you must have made a hit on itlol!

I tried menu edit but it doesn’t work for me. This has been broken for me for a while now.

See it pays just to aimlessly and blindly start clicking on everything rotfl!

This is what I did for knsnapshot and binding it to the print screen key.


I’m not seeing printscreen anywhere. How do I add it?

I tried so many things I forgot what I did exactly, lol.

Try this. Hit alt-f2 then type in khotkeys. Take a look at the screenshot.

Click on input actions.

Now I don’t remember if the print screen was already there under preset actions or if I had to add it. But I believe this is where I did it at the last time.


If anyone else wants to add something about this please do. I am not sure if I am leaving anything out, lol.

That worked perfectly for me. Thanks a bunch!

Your welcome. Glad I could help.

I am also glad that my memory actually worked this time :wink: lol

If I’m using v4.2.98 (KDE 4.2.98 (KDE 4.3 RC3)) “release 150” right now and want to jump onto the 4.3 train… which repositories do I need? And which ones to throw out?

SNAP! Do I already have the newest version or is it true that KDE 4.3 final has been released? Boy, that’s confusing here… please clarify this for me.