KDE 4.3 panel extra space

After few days after installation my panel have extra space and I can’t get rid of it :confused:


I use sTask, but when I delete panel and add everything back without Stask, after reboot that extra space appear again :confused:

I’ve ben suffering from an unstable panel since i started using kde4. The plasmoids move about and the panel changes its length and sometimes height.
Haven’t found anything to cure the malady.

It looks to me like you have added a widget to the panel which isnt setup to work properly on a horizontal panel and its looking like an empty space or you have you added an extra task manager. Try unlocking the widgets, go to the panel settings and try moving one of the open spaces to see if you have or right clicking to see if it gives you an otion to remove a widget

The problem was caused by Remember the milk plasmoid :
I have remove it and not it works fine :slight_smile:

Nice you solved it. This is caused by the fact that not all plasmoids are maintained. I’ve had terrible plasma crashes on ‘old’ plasmoids. On major KDE4 updates ( 4.2 -> 4.3 ) I remove the plasma* files from /home/USERNAME/.kde4/share/config. This makes sure that at least plasma starts in a clean way.

OK, thanks for help :stuck_out_tongue: