KDE 4.3 implemented in 11.2 well!

I’ve looked at some screenshots of the upcoming openSUSE 11.2 version (KDE 4.3).
The way KDE is implemented in openSUSE is very different from other distros! Fedora, for example, focuses on black, black, and black everywhere, as does Kubuntu. But I rather liked the openSUSE KDE ‘whitish’ and clear look; it’s a pleasant change from the glossy black color that’s there in many other distros. KDE 4 looks better white and open-looking than glossy black.
What’s your opinion on this?

My opinion is that it’s a personal preference. I personally do not like too much white as it makes it too “milky” for my taste. I actually prefer the glossy black instead of the milky white theme. Others may prefer something else, of course

Of course, after a long time using the ‘milky white’ KDE, I might get tired of it and want something darker, but for now, I pretty much like it.

I think you are confusing the new KDE Plasma theme “Air” for some sort of openSUSE specific implementation.

KDE 4.3 uses “Air” (which looks ‘milky’) as it’s default theme, prior versions use “Oxygen” (which looks ‘glossy black’).

Any distro that ships with KDE 4.3.x will look milky if they do not change the default theme. If you take a look at Kubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 you’ll see it too has a milkier look than earlier KDE4-based Kubuntu releases.

Although I do like the green/SUSEification of the Air theme in 11.2.

Hey, you’re right! :slight_smile:
Thanks for correcting me. Kubuntu Karmic does have a new ‘milkier’ look, because it ships with KDE 4.3.

Oh I totally agree best one out there hands down.

personally I hate overly dark themes, I am not a big fan of them