KDE 4.3 Fresh Install


I want to try out KDE 4.3 and opensuse. I would like to do a install with KDE 4.3, would the best way to achieve this be to install 11.1 and then upgrade to KDE 4.3 or install the KDE 4.3 live CD that was just recently released? Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question. The machine I am going to do this on is a Lenovo y430 laptop with dual core intel.


You could use this live cd:
“KDE Four Live” CD](http://home.kde.org/~binner/kde-four-live/)

But I do prefer a dvd myself.
But this cd is easier if you are new to all this.

Right, I saw that but I guess I wasn’t clear if that was just a demo-type CD for KDE. I guess I am asking if I were to install that CD would I have a working compatible opensuse installation and if so what would be the disadvantage or advantage as opposed to installing the official release and then upgrading it? I suppose it would be possible to do a netinstall and add the repos needed to do a fresh KDE 4.3 install too, right?

It will work fine. All cd’s provide a much slimer install than a dvd so you will need to update and add/install packages as required.
Multi-media guide:
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Net install is ok too, if you NEED to do it that way.

With the KDE 4.3 live CD you have the advantage of having the most recent KDE and also the most recent updated packages (that got updated since 11.1 came out). So you have less to download and also you will have the proper repositories for KDE 4.3 set already so after that you’ll only need to install libdvdcss from videolan repo (which after that immediately remove/disable) and add permanently Packman repo :slight_smile:

BUT, it will also only have KDE packages to start off with. You’ll also have to install Firefox or Opera or Seamonkey, Evolution or Thunderbird, Pidgin, OpenOffice, etc… (anything that’s not integrated into KDE) as well. KDE comes with its own solutions for all of these such as Konqueror as the web browser, Kmail for email, Koffice for the office suite and others so you can use those with the KDE live cd install.

These are all easy to install, and I would highly recommend using the 4.3 live cd as it will help you avoid any headaches trying to upgrade to 4.3 from a fresh install. Just know that all extra non-kde software will need to be installed manually.

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