KDE 4.3 - Desktop 'box' gone

I had the desktop view (with the ‘Box’ with icons inside) enabled on KDE 4.3 (Rel 138) in openSUSE 11.1 (see picture)

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Accidentally, I clicked somewhere on a toolbar that sometimes appears outside this ‘box’, and now I can’t get the “box” on the desktop back again. How can I get the desktop “box” back on the desktop again ? I did tried switching to Desktop view with DEsktop folder & path to it in the ‘Desktop’ settings config box (after clicking on main plasma ‘cashew’ on top right of desktop), but did not help.


Just right click the desktop and make sure widgets are unlocked
Add widget
Add folder view
Configure folder as required

Oh. And when done, make sure you Lock the widgets! So you don’t do the same again.:X

Thanks, that helped. (+ 1)

Another thing (was not there in KDE 4.2.2, but am finding this problem in KDE 4.3), is that when I add widgets or apps (eg Pager/ Clock, etc), they all line up to the extreme left of the panel. I tried moving them manually (by first unlocking Widgets on the panel), but that does not help.
My (top) panel prefs are: ‘Centered’, ‘Windows can cover’.

(Pl let me know if I need to start another thread for this or if a screengrab is needed).

Can you move them but they move back at next login?

No, they can be moved to the right by click & drag, but jump back to the left end of the panel, when the mouse button is released.

Try creating a new user account and try the same thing, see if it happens there. You can delete the account when done.

I added a spacer (Spacer Applet, adjustable), and now the clock, etc can be moved to right & stay there.

So you are good for now then?:wink:

Yes, thanks - the spacer applet fixed that. Was not too sure about using that one since on KDE 4.2.2, it crashed the top panel.

It’s a bit of a work around, because you should not need to do that.