KDE 4.3 and Virtualbox 3.0.2

Installed 4.3 the other day and like it a lot, much that has improved on 4.2.4 (sound works much better, for some reason). But there’s a video problem with Virtualbox running XP: when started (and I run VB in seamless mode usually, but similar problems occur whenver it’s not maximised) the screen background around the Windows application is solid black for what seems an eternity (well, about 30 seconds) before everything returns to normal. It seems impossible to switch out of seamless mode, the XP desktop gets corrupted (no window decorations etc).
Has anyone else experienced similar problems? All was fine with Virtualbox under KDE 4.2.4.


Just to let you know that VB 3.0.4 has been released and it has some X11 fixes
concerning KDE and seamless mode. You can get it from www.virtualbox.org

Niclas Ekstedt, CNA/CNE/CNS/CLS
Systems Engineer
Atea Sverige AB

Thanks, Niclas, will try that! Of course VB does remind me of the update every time I start it but I didn’t realise it had these relevant fixes in it.