kde 4.3.2

hello all

installed kde4.3.2 from Index of /repositories/KDE:/43/openSUSE_11.1

Updated from the same repositorie

now most packages are 4.3.2-4.2 as the repositorie is now 4.3.2-1.4

What is wrong, why the screw back

kde43 is freeze on 4.3.2
I can’t tell you why all the roll backs, but most likely for stability reasons. 4.3.2 in a more fluid state is still in Factory.

But if I were you I would stick with what you have, there is so much movement ATM. kde43 will not move much at all.
And with 11.2 out very soon, sitting tight is the order of the day.

Thanks for the reply

I leave it as it is look for updates as they are there.

I’m not clear as to what this means - is the advice to update and accept the roll-backs, or to “sit tight” and not update at all, or to accept only the newer versions???

If using kde43
Update with rollbacks and sit tight until you decide if you will install 11.2 or not.
By which time the repo’s will be in order and you can decide which you will use.

OK, that clarifies it, thanks.