KDE 4.3.1; Dolphin, Konqueror freezes

When I move cursor on icon of large file (tar.bz2 archive - 595MB) for ~0.5 sec both Dolphin and Konqueror (I noticed this on Konqueror and also tested on Dolphin) freeze for few minutes. While writing this post I noticed that when I wait for konqueror “unhang” this situation not happen anymore, even on konqueror restart (and dolphin of course). These hangs happens earlier every time. I will check if this happen next time after pc boot, but if Yes, is there any solution or workaround this problem? Thanks in advance.

Check settings here:

it could be that you have ir trying to fetch previews of such files and too large files

I did it before. I have these fields checked: jpegs, directories, images for max. 3MB file. and also “use thumbnails…”. Anyway, thanks for reply.

Might be Nepomuk, trying to index the content of the tar file…Switch it off and see if things improve.

What is in the tar file? How many files?

I’m sorry I can’t reply immediately. I have nepomuk desktop and strigi module turn off. Only nepomukserver process/daemon is running but I noticed that this make no difference (I killed this process with no results). Each archive contain one file (virtualbox images - vdi). I have no idea what is source of my problems :confused: I’d appreciate any help.