KDE 4.3.0 in 2 languages after upgrading from 4.1.3

Hi everybody. I tried to solve this problem myself but I had no luck :frowning:

After upgrading KDE from 4.1.3 to 4.3.0 system shows some menues in English and some in Spanish. Dolphin is in English, Kmenu tabs (Favourites, Applications, etc) too but Kmenu items are in spanish.

I tried to download language packages with Yast but was a no go. Any hint?



As I found the solution to the problem and some non english speakers may find this to help I post what I have found

I simply went to Yast and searched for KDE the I browse all the packages looking for the language packages and I found that the 4.3.0 spanish package (kde4-l10n-es) was not installed, so I cheched it and install.

Hope it helps,