KDE 4.2?

With KDE 4.2 being released tomorrow, I think I may upgrade KDE, currently I am running 4.0.4 that came with the Suse 11 release. I have never upgraded KDE alone so I have a few questions.

Will I lose all customization that I have done?
Will it effect any of my files? Configurations eg. fstab (I don’t think it will, but just to be safe :wink: )
How exactly is the upgrade done? Is it difficult?
Can it be performed via YaST?

I have a pretty good knowledge of Linux from school but only recently became a 100% home user of Linux.

Thanks guys!

Your core system settings will be untouched - fstab, sysctl.conf, xorg.conf, etc. etc.

Your customizations should stay in place.

For example, I reinstalled openSUSE 11.1 x64 early this morning. I had KDE4.2 RC before the reinstall with my plasma desktop all customized to my liking. After reinstall was left with the standard KDE 4.1.3+, most of my customizations were there but some plasmoids were missing since they are in 4.2. After upgrading back to 4.2 RC1 plasma would load then crash right away. I had to delete the plasma config files in my home directory to stop the crashing…and naturally I had to re-customize my desktop.

However the big stuff, my e-mail in Kmail, RSS feeds in Akregator, Notes, Pics, Media, bookmarks/history in Konq, FF & Opera…all that stuff is still here working perfectly fine.

But as a matter of pure prudence (and for your own piece of mind) why not back-up your personal data? You should be doing that anyway.

As for the actual upgrade you can do it via YaST. You’ll need to add the following repos then update:


The first two you’ll need for the KDE 4.2 desktop. The last two are not needed but helpful - you’ll find stuff like KOffice 2, extra plasmoids (plasma widgets), and extra KDE 4 related apps.

You can also update via the command line

[your administrator password]

zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0/ KDE4-Desktop
zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Qt/openSUSE_11.0/ KDE4-Qt
zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Extra-Apps/openSUSE_11.0/ KDE4-Extras
zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.0_KDE4_Factory_Desktop/ KDE4-Community

zypper ref
zypper up

You’ll have to answer questions about trusting GPG keys and you may have to resolve some conflicts depending on what KDE4 packages you’ve already installed. I’ve never done the move from 4.0.4 to 4.2 so I can’t tell which ones to look out for.

Good luck!

Upgrade to 4.2 will not change fstab

4.2 is light years ahead of 4.0.4

Currently 4.2 RC1 is available from Factory.


you may also need QT:

I’m not entirely sure if and where they will move the packages too after it is released proper.

If you are not familiar with using the Build Service repo’s you might be better waiting and day or two

To upgrade simply add the repo to your list
Open Yast - Software Management
filter by repo and select the new kde4 repo
from the packages tab along the top of screen, select update all in this list unconditionally.

There are some complications with dependencies. But we can help if you can’t work through it.

It is of course possible to add the stable repo 4.1.3 now and enjoy some benefits

extra features from community here

One more thing!

Be mindful that those repos will not have auto-refresh enabled. To enable auto-refresh you’ll have to either enable it in the “Software Repositories” module of YaST or use the command line.

[your administrator password]

zypper mr -r KDE4-Desktop
zypper mr -r KDE4-Qt
zypper mr -r KDE4-Extras
zypper mr -r KDE4-Community

If you don’t enable auto-refresh you’ll have to manually refresh those 4 repositories to catch any updates to KDE 4.2 that come down the pipe later.

If YaST shows some dependency problems - example it wants to remove something - just leave him to remove. A lot of stand-alone packages since 4.0 are moved either to kdebase or to other organized packages.
The successful migration with your Desktop settings is nearly impossible. If you are used KMail, Akregator, Kopete, etc. on 4.0 you probably need to set up again these accounts and configurations. Do not try to hack configuration files, and copy the old ones to the new KDE applications. They’ll be simply ignored. BTW, do not worry about this - setting up again your KMail, Kopete, etc. accounts takes about 10 minutes. :wink:

Ok, so what i’ve got is add these four repositories to Yast. But then what? Do I just do a serach for any packages that contain “KDE” and update them?

Yast - Software Management
filter by repo
visit each in turn, start with 4.2 Desktop repo and select update all in this list if newer ver avail from the packages tab along the top of the screen.

Do this with all your new repo’s

then accept/apply

I just did it on my Laptop - now officially 4.2

In YaST Software Management select ‘Repositories’, and at the top of the list select ‘@System’ On the package list, click on the ‘Installed Version’ bar, and then scroll down until you get to the blue ones, and click away.




I added the four repositories to YAST and wanted to upgrade from KDE 4.1.3 to 4.2 (Opensuse 11.1).

I have following problem with dependencies:

It is suggest to downgrade some applications (e.g. Koffice, PolicyKit…) no problem

It is suggest to deinstall following applications:
kde4-plasmoid-weather and kde4-plasmoid-quicklauncher

I’am a little bit confused about deleting kde4-plasmoid-quicklauncher, this program sounds important.

Up to now, I did nothing (means I did’t upgrade).

Did somebody delete these files?



You can uninstall the all then get them again from the factory repo



the kde4-plasmoid-quicklauncher is not in following repositories:


Do you mean an other factory repository?



kde4-plasmoid-quicklauncher is provided by kdebase4-workspace.
Use the search in Software-Management. :wink:

kde4-plasmoid jam up my desktop (4.2) (32-bit) and I can’t install more plasmoid :\

I upgraded successfully to 4.2, no problems. It went much smoother and easier than I thought it would be.

Thanks for the help guys!


Did you unlock the widgets?

Which plasmoid?

Did you delete the old /.kde4 folder before installing 4.2?

Yes, it is unlocked, yes, but… I do not delete /.kde4
can I do it now after upgrading?

Log in with a console session. Type this (in your home directory):

mv .kde4/ .kde4old/

Hi - I upgraded from 4.1.3 to 4.2 (in 11.1). Everything went fine and it works lovely… Just, one problem:

  • in the KickOff Search, when I search for an application, it gives each result twice. (and both results run the same version of the same application… it’s just a bit annoying. Any idea how can i solve it?)

Quicklauncer is just a plasmoid so you could do without it. You don’t have to though, KDE4.2 has its own version.