KDE 4.2.x Folder View Icon Arrangement: Not Saved/Restored

Since upgrade to KDE 4.2.x (openSUSE 11.1/Factory) the Desktop Folder View icon arrangement positions are NOT being saved and/or restored properly, across login sessions, when set to (custom) Unsorted.

All icons arrangement get restored as sorted Top-to-bottom when Desktop Activity is set to Folder View, or Left-to-right when in as a standalone folder view widget. IOW, this faulty behavior occurs independently of the Desktop Activity Type setting (Desktop, Plain Desktop or Folder View).

This feature, was and is working on KDE 4.1.x (as from openSUSE 11.1/Release).

Am I the only one having this highly annoyance?


Bug report: 483181

For the record, another bug report: 482413