KDE 4.2 Widgets freezing desktop on add

Hey guys I upgraded to KDE 4.2 and everything went smoothly and was working fine. Starting last night, I am no longer able to add Widgets to the desktop. The system will lock up. I am still able to add widgets to a panel, but not the desktop. I still have a few widgets left on my desktop that were added before this problem started and they work fine. However if I remove them, I am not able to add them again. The system will freeze, the only way to resolve this is to logout and then login again. Does anybody know what could be causing this? Is this a known bug? Any ideas on how to resolve it?

  • Ninja1980,

try renaming your ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc and plasma-appletsrc, then logout, login.


Sorry, but NOT help. I hawe the same problem. My 32-bit-pc’s Plasmoid-list jum up but other my 64-bit-pc works well. Why?

Nope that doesn’t do it.

The weird thing is I can still add widgets to a panel. Just not on the desktop. :\


kde4/share/config if you have perVirtualDesktopViews=true

change to

kde4/share/config if you have perVirtualDesktopViews=false

log back in

Within which file?

In the file stated bot there was a missing . in the path.
should be .kde4 which is a hidden folder in /home. You will need activate view hidden files in the view menu


I’ve got that, I’m within the config directory, and te above posts do not mention a file that contains the variable “perVirtualDesktop”.


within the config directory there are over 30 files.



pervirtualdesktop is not an option within plasmarc, should I add it? If so where in the file?

It appears I have resolved the issue.

I removed the extra plasma add-on pack (KDE-Plasma-Addons) from Yast and then logged off, logged back in. Was then able to add Widgets to my desktop again without it locking up.

So I have a few less choices now, but at least it is working. rotfl!

Thanks for all who aided in this thread.