KDE 4.2 Updates ???

I am a little confused as why there has been two updates (approx 200Mb each time) since the release of KDE 4.2 on Tuesday. :\

Because it’s packaged in Factory

Expect a constant flux.

I have had 3. It’s just the devs working on fixing bugs and features.
They will keep coming since it’s in factory and therefore under development


Thanks for the clarification. We have limited Bandwidth in Australia, that’s why I asked. Factory is the only place for KDE 4.2 (Stable) though isn’t it?

It’s stable sort of.

It has not been assigned a stable dir

And as Factory - this means it’s in development. It’s not ‘Stable’. Expect issues now and then. In fact even ‘Stable’ will have a tantrum now and then.

Understand all these repo’s are in the Build Service.

Technically, there is no need for you to run these updates everytime they come out. Just get updates from official ‘Update repo’.

If you use Software Manager
filter by repo
you can just select the update repo and mark the updates in there.

Some of us - run ALL the updates regularly because we are involved in bug reporting and interested in development.

Yes this is because 11.1 was shipped with 4.13 and the only change the version numbers with each release.
From what i’ve read 11.2 will come with 4.3
Edit more info http://zonker.opensuse.org/2008/12/15/discussing-opensuse-112-schedule/


Just because there are newer packages available does not mean you have to update. If everything you need works fine, do not update. If there is somehting broken, check here or on IRC whether it is something that has been fixed in more recent packages and then you know whether it’s worth updating or not.