KDE 4.2 Update vs. Suse 11.1

Hi @ all!

I updated my Suse 11.1 from KDE 4.1 to 4.2. After this i´ve got the problem, that i get a black screen wenn i work with Suse. It´s not every time, but when the problem appears i see a full black screen and can only move the mouse. So i reboot the pc an it works again till next black screen. This problem did not exists under 4.1.
So i think the problem comes not from the graphic card driver?!?!

My desktop effects are activated like under KDE 4.1.

Got some idea how i can fix this problem?
Maybe a log somewhere where i could find a error message or something?

THX for Support


same thing here

  1. Go to desktop effects and disable “preserve windows”
  2. go to .kde4/share/config edit plasmarc and put perVirtualDesktop=true

ctrl+alt+ 2xBackspace and login again, should fix the problem


Does it work for you guys?

I’ve got the same problem. The thing is that I cannot find that option “Preserve windows” in my desktop settings.

May be I’m blind or becaouse I’ve got diffrent language as default and it was translated in a wired way. Could you please drop a printscreen where it is?


i have installed open suse 10.3 and i have problem with my gnome terminal when giving ifconfig command showing error message command not found can u help me?

my wifi turned up and not getting down can u help me?

i think there is some confusion about this…

the desktop effect that seems to cause the random blank screen is “Present Windows”, the window select (Alt+Tab) option in systemsettings/Desktop/DesktopEffects/AllEffects (tab)… at the bottom of that list of features. Disable that option and choose one of the other types.

this is not to negate that there could be other issues… incompatible plasmarc/plasma-appletrc files or plasma widgets that are not intended for 4.2, but if you get a blank screen with just a movable mouse pointer this is the first thing to do.

OK, to clear the confusion.
If you have a problem with black screen, and do not know what is it, here is a step by step instruction.
(for advanced users, do your own way of some things you will reckognize it can be done differently)

  1. go to terminal by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to console and login.
    (it is useful to have “mc” installed)

  2. delete directory .kde4 (mc can help speed it up), then type “exit”, login as root and type “reboot”

  3. when KDE starts after normal login, it will place default things, your personal settings will be lost, but .kde4 directory will be recreated as it should be.
    Try opening Konsole from the menu, if black screen occures, don’t panic. Press CTRL+ALT+F1, login, go to
    .kde4/share/config and edit “plasmarc” file.

as the first line in first section, add line:

here is how it looks (1st section) in my plasmarc:

[Applet Browser]

  1. exit from console. If you entered by ctrl+alt+F1, press ctrl+alt+F7
  2. press CTRL+ALT+ (2x rapidly) BACKSPACE to kill KDE
  3. Login normally.


if you have desktop effects enabled, or want to enable it, go to menu, “configure desktop”, open “desktop” icon.

In tab GENERAL (if you want 3d effects), enable it and set favorite default things.
Go to ALL EFFECTS tab, turn on and off effects of your desire,
BUT DISABLE “preserve windows” effect (probably last one in list).

You’re good to go…