KDE 4.2 Theme's

I decided to give 4.2 a go. I was running on 4.3 but there were a few too many crashes for now. Although i was loving Kmail’s new ability to insert photo’s, lol

anyway. with KDE most of the themes are gone, there is only oxygen and aya avaible. Have they all been shifted to another package or do you just have to download the ones you want now?

From the same screen where you select Aya/Oxygen (rightclick desktop > appereance settings) there is a “new theme” button.
Click it and it will fetch a list of themes from kde-look.org

Think theres some missing though, so starting up a browser and going kde-look might be a good idea if you don’t like any from the “new theme” dialog.

If you want a pink one you could fetch Fluffybunny from
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.1 (the noarch dir)

yeah that is what i had to do, used to be quite a few themes that came with it, guess they have got rid of them now and we have to fetch our own.

I saw fluffy bunny and, my favorite, slim glow, in either the kde extras or community repos. I downloaded from yast.

Slim glow is finally transparent in 4.2, better than 4.1 by far.