KDE 4.2 RC1

Im testing out KDE4.2 RC1. I uset the One-Click-Installation and solve the dependency.
After reboot it boots into a complete black desktop.

After searching internett, i found a hint that tells us to rename the /home/user/.kde4 to .kde4old
This .kde4-folder will be recreated during next boot and YES IT WORKS!

Now all my old desktop-settings are gone, but i will set it up againg. The only problem is that all the Shortcut-buttons nest to the Start-meny is gone.
And the buttons in Title-line is hidden. I have to move the pointer over it to make the button show.
The title-line is a little to much transparent. How to adjust?

But its looks very nice!

You can add the buttons you want by right-clicking on the entries in the menu and choose “add to panel”.

I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Could you explain it a bit more?

The titleline is there, but is like 90% transparant. The “Title” is invisible and the close, minimiza, maximize-buttons are also invisible, but is i move til mouse-pointer over the buttons, then it shows.

The buttons are there, but just invisible.

I would also like do reduce the transparanty for the title-line (Window title-line).

ref kde4.2 rc1

i had the same thing, a complete black screen… solution: remove the 2 plasma files in : /home/username/.kde4/share/config and reboot…
if you like gui, press control alt backspace… at the login screen, look at the left bottom side, click on it and choose (i think the name is) xice or something ending with the word ice, log into it and you can delete those files with dolphin

Are you using Emerald as window decorator? Emerald in KDE4 has some issues.

I’m a little confused with all this fancy things;

  • Compiz
  • Emerald
  • Plasma
  • GT

What is the different?

I use Compiz decoration! Well i think i use Compiz because i use Compiz-manager to set window-decoration.


Compiz is a Window Manager, to be exact, Compositing Window Manager.

It handles all fancy things except the window title bar and window border.

Emerald is a Window Decorator. It handles the window titlebar and window border.

A lot of Emerald themes are available here. You can install them by using Emerald Theme Manager (install in YaST)

By default, Metacity and Kwin are the Window managers for Gnome and KDE respectively.

Plasma is just a new desktop interface for KDE 4 which can hold Plasmoids (or widgets). The Plasma is resolution-free and the plasmoids are completely scalable.

Install issue:
After trying a lot of ways, deleted plasma files included, I found out that the only working solution is make a new login account, with all consequences.

Emerald issues:

  • Since the Compiz option under “Personal Settings” disappeared I start it by script in ~/username/.kde4/Autostart.

  • Under “Personal Settings”-advanced-advanced user settings-autostart I assign this script the option “pre-kde startup”

  • I activate “enable desktop effects” and deselect all effects, except login and logout.

  • Example for the script
    Script mystart.sh, with executable permission

reset compiz

fusion-icon &

  • Further Emerald issue:
    some apps in full screen modus kill emerald.
    In this case, the command “emerald --replace &” will do.

The impressive amount of crossed dependencies in the repos talk to me about a huge effort to get this desktop done in some way. The context menus, really uncontextual, are very limited. Many basic applications are still unfinished. I wouldn’t call it rc1. However, we can use it for tasks at family level. I didn’t find kde 4.2 rc1 worth the install work, still keeping the last working version: a real rarity, I am disposed to sell you it at discount price :).

I don’t understand why do you need compiz & emerald under KDE4? KWin has everything compiz has, work in similar way.
For 3.5, yes, compiz for me was really good. No need for it in 4.2, I find it faster.

Except for emerald, and there’s 5 themes for kwin/KDE4 on kde-look.org. (Bespin seems to be missing there though)

black screen, no interaction possible ? All due to broken kdebase4 packages in KDE4/Factory repo. Just update once more and trouble’s gone.

Compiz and Emerald is of course mostly for fun. Its nice looking and impression to see all effects.

But you say i really dont need Compis or Emerald in KDE4.2
Well KDE4.2 RC1 do make the desktop look like Emerald, but its Compiz who make all the funny effects.
Do you meen KWin do the same?


Yap, 4.2 RC1 has them, if not all, then almost all + some new.
Go to Configure Desktop -> Desktop

in General tab, enable desktop effects, and choose window switching and desktop switchin effect (I like cover and cube).
Then on “All effects” tab, choose desired effects. List is pretty impressive.

Also, since compiz made me used to ctrl+ left/right to switch cube, I had to put those shortcuts in global shortcut, and now cube works as in Compiz.

I have to correct was I wrote in the precedent reply. Of course, it is not necessary to delete the whole user folder. So,
logout and again login as root in a non KDE4 session.
from there install from the repos you selected the KDE4 desktop.
In your /home/“your_username” directory delete the folder .kde4
In your /root directory delete the folder .kde4
login again as user.
On January 26:
The rc1 version is still too buggy for being useful.