KDE 4.2 RC1, widgets still locking desktop

I had development version, now installed 4.2 from factory, but still, when I try to add widget, list locks. Then, KDE offers termination dialog, when I click Terminate, screen goes black and that is it…

Maybe someone had that problem and resolved. If so, please help

Double clicking widgets still locks, but drag & drop works OK.

Strange haven’t had any problems. May be one of the widgets you have that are unstable.
Which ones do you have?


It happened to me also. If you double click or select the plasmoid and click on Add button it locks and you can just ctrl+alt+bckspc twice to get back in.
Haven’t tried the drag and drop still.

It happens randomly with any widget. Maybe not so randomly, I was thinking it could be related to graphics card memory.

Happens with almost all widget. I do not know what is linked for, but in 4.2 RC1 drag & drop works while it didn’t in 4.2 beta. At least, we are getting somewhere :slight_smile:
I see bug is already posted on KDE so we shall wait few more days for 4.2 to go out.

Yep, drag and drop doesn’t lock plasma.

Anyway, I discovered simple cure for black desktop:
Alt+F2, run input appears, type “plasma” and everything is back again.

Reminded me on XP’s Explorer problem, as it was known to crash. So, I used same tactics and it worked.