KDE 4.2: Problem with self-adjusting icon size

I just moved up the KDE ladder by installing KDE 4.2 (on SUSE 11.1), yeeha! :wink:

Small question: I noticed that the icon size for, for example, widgets on panels, or for folder shortcuts in the save/open system dialog is adjusted automatically when changing the panel / shortcut panel size.

Can I somehow switch this off? Ideally, I’d like to set the size to small in general. (My panel, for instance, is set up vertically and is supposed to host my task list, the kmenu, the device notifier etc. However, when I enlarge the panel, the size of the task bar and the widget icons becomes HUGE, which is a bit annoying).



I have the same issue as homoludens. :’(
With kde 4.1.x, when enlarging the panel, the icons don’t behave the same way. They where growing by thresholds steps.

Now with kde 4.2, they don’t stop growing when you enlarge the panel with a (ugly) blurry effect on widget icons when they are between 2 natural resolutions (ie. between 16x16 and 24x24).

So is there a way to specify manually the size of the icons, ie. staying in 16x16 pixel wathever the panel size ?

Cheers :slight_smile: