KDE 4.2.* Multiple duplicate widgets/panel at boot - HELP

I’ve looked everywhere including boot config to stop multiple duplicate instances of widgets loading at boot. I’ve opened and then close them and now 5 instances of RSS or the weather widget will load at boot.

Also, most of my standard panel icons (Konquerer, Dolphin, etc) are blank icons, evidently, KDE 4.2 trashed the links or something, but they’ll continue to load at every boot - I’d just as soon not have them, any idea how to fix that?


I don’t know that I have an exact answer for you, but here is what I had to do to keep from having multiples of desktops:

I went through and removed each of the duplicates, then I removed the configuration files for plasma:

rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma*

Then I logged out of the session and back in. This reduced the craziness. I haven’t been running long enough since my fix to know if it really has solved the problem.

Good luck!

Generically Human

Hmmm, no such file in that location - any idea what the full name of the plasma config file is? I’ll have to hunt it down.

Thanks though, still in learning mode. :slight_smile:

Well, seems “Save Session” would be the proper way to clean this up, unfortunately the save session button is missing in KDE 4.2 - so, if I go into Session Manager, what’s the best way to save my current desktop/session? Start with an empty session" scares me, connotes a blank desktop, or does it?

How would I go about masnually saving my current session, so that it boots up as I currently have it configured?


It IS available in KDE4.2 System settings > advanced > session manager


My bad - hopefully it’ll stop those multiplying widgets and panels, ugh. :slight_smile:

Hi geoffro,

i have this checked, but the kde insists on restoring another one, but my last.

i delete all icons, make sure that "restore last session’ is selected, but the dummy icons are back.


I have a partial answer and an answer from another problem in another thread. I didn’t have duplicate items but I did have the blank icons and a change in wallpaper.

I gave up on getting the basic icon set on the desktop. I manually deleted each one and the blank one in the panel. Then, I set the wallpaper and theme and added icons where I wanted them. Next I went to

and renamed the plasma-appletsrc file to plasma-applets.old but did nothing to plasmarc in the same directory. I rebooted and in the session menu I selected KDE 4.2, not the default which was previous session. Try it both ways since there may be slightly different reasons for different people’s problems.

That fixed my problem but created another. The box will not completely reboot or shutdown. It hangs at “sending all the term signal”. Another thread that shutdown problems were occurring because a folder plasmoid was keeping /home mounted. Sure enough, my folder plasmoid used to be set to Documents but had been reset to /home. So, look out for that too.


i think i could “fix” it. at the end is looks more as a workaround.
here is what i did:

  1. removed ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*
  2. accessed /usr/share/kde4/config.kcfg and edited plasma-shell-desktop.kcfg, changing the default for “perVirtualDesktopViews” to “true”. (has to be done as root).
  3. adjusted session manager to empty session (not even this was working before).

After logout and back into KDE, all is fine. Dummy icons are gone as well as widgets I had removed, which insisted getting back.

Then I set back to restore from “last session”, made some changes, another logout/login and still all fine. I had before problems after reboot. Also fixed with the above steps.

hope it works to others.


The above advice removed the dummy icons, but not the problem of every program having two panels in the task bar.

What may help is this:

Open your .kde4/share/config/plasma-appletrc file.

Search through the different containment and applet numbers.
Find the ones that apply only to your troublesome widget/applet. (There may be a few sections associated with it, but they should be near each other, like just below it.)
Delete them, then save your file, log out and back in.

It seems KDE 4.2 does not update this file the way we would expect it to. It only remembers widgets/applets we add… not the ones we remove.

I had to do this for blank icons in my panel. For that, I just found the applets that did not correspond to anything (just “icon”) and also had an associated URL that was blank.

I did try renaming/deleting the file first, but for some reason, that did not work in my instance.

This is from memory, but I hope it is decent enough guide to step you in the right direction.