KDE 4.2 lag issues?

Anyone experiencing minor lag issues in KDE 4.2? Often, when I move my mouse pointer while a window is opening or a page in firefox is refreshing, it gets “stuck” for less than a second like there’s some kind of lag in it. I didn’t had this problem when using the very early builds of KDE 4.2, only after a few upgrades this problem came up (currently on “release 94”)

in a word, yes… and i’m unsure as to why, release 88 was not really noticable in this regard, but release 93 seems to be much less responsive. might be related to rendering transparency, but i have not confirmed.

yeah, I also think it might have something to do with transparency or even plasma itself for that matter. I don’t really want to turn off transparency though. It’s a bit annoying this kind of lag, but I can live with it

In my experience so far so good my mouse is running like hell it should be like thatlol!

I didn’t have the lag until last night’s updates. My audio “lags” much worse now too. Before, I could live with it. Now, I’m searching the forums for fixes.

I did see some slight strangeness but not lag. Actually for me it was things moving a little quicker - in particular the drop box from my personal bookmarks toolbar in FF - Click and it expands to more folders and bookmarks and they all seemed to working much quicker, so darn quick I was having trouble keeping up - whereas before I was too quick for it.

Certainly there are some transparency issues. My panel can wake from sleep and has lost transparency. Though it only seems to happen after a reboot and following the first sleep. I do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and all is OK and remains so through subsequent sleep.

that’s strange. So no one had any mouse “stuck / lag” issues with recent KDE releases? I really can’t figure out why I get this, the very first kde 4.2 releases had no issues. I turned off transparency and effects but still have the same problem with the mouse. KDE3 also doesn’t show any strange mouse behavior so this must be a KDE4.2 thing.

I had the mouse issue. I updated a rebooted a couple of hours ago and its fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I should do the same but currently can’t as I have things to do. I even didn’t log out after installing today “release 97” :slight_smile:

i had the same sort of issues updating to release 97.

my advice would be to update, then arrange the desktop the way you want and open dolphin/konq and move /.kde4/share/config/plasmarc and plasma-appletsrc somewhere…or rename them. When you log out those files will be saved with the desktop you have (and more importantly completely re-written by the “new” version of plasma software). Someone smarter than I could explain why, but it doesn’t seem that plasma edits and validates those files ending up with duplications… and problems.

release 97 does seem more responsive, so you have that to offset the difficulties. As far as the hesitation scrolling folders in dolphin/konq i’m leaning toward the preview feature being the culprit, just a hunch. Translucency is handled better imo at first blush.

amendment to last statement, in dolphin having the Information pane open causes it to scan through files completely on mouse hover… delaying scroll… try it on a large pdf file, cpu load spikes.