KDE 4.2 desktop problem

I upgraded to KDE 4.2 - I removed .kde4 and logged in. On my first desktop, everything works just fine. But my other desktops just show a black screen except for the kicker and panel. No right-clicking works on these desktops. How do I fix this?

you might be missing the desktopthemes package from factory desktop

double check all packages have updated or even in some cases rolled back

you can run yast from CLI

go su and type


I do have this package installed. It’s only on my first desktop/workspace that themes work - I just get a black screen on the other three.

I think you have linked activities with virtual desktops.
Look at plasmarc , it’s kde4/share/config if you have perVirtualDesktopViews=true, if yes try to delete it.

Thanks! That worked. It was set to true in my /etc/kde4/share/config/plasmarc - I reset it to false, then ran

kquitapp plasma; plasma

and got the destop on all workspaces.