KDE 4.2 Comming out tomorrow, will openSuSE upgrade?

Is there going to be a new version of openSuSE that will include KDE 4.2 instead of KDE 4.1 soon?

kde 4.2 will be default for suse 11.2. It will also be available for older versions through the build service. I currently use 4.2rc1 on suse 11.0

Oh, that sounds great! Well, I have decided to wait 1 more day then i will install KDE 4.2. I can’t wait to get my hands on it ;D

Any ideas when 11.2 coming out?

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no final date yet We’re in discussion, probably late summer '09

ouch… I guess KDE 4.2 won’t be included in openSuSE until summer '09… :frowning:

you can still install it from the build service repos, which is what I’m going to do when it pops up… 4.2rc1 → 4.2 final

Yeah… me too… :slight_smile:

11.2 devs are shooting for kde 4.3 in the final release
[opensuse-project] openSUSE 11.2 schedule](http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-project/2008-12/msg00025.html)

11.2 devs are shooting for kde 4.3 in the final release

That’ll be something. Really cool. I mean, kool.

My monitor doesn’t shut itself off with 4.2 RC1. Does anyone else have that issue?


On 01/27/2009 rschaffter wrote:
> My monitor doesn’t shut itself off with 4.2 RC1. Does anyone else
> have that issue?


please don’t hijack threads. It minimizes your chances to get a good reply because people will not read your message due to a “wrong” subject, and it causes the thread to drift off topic.
There’s already a thread dealing with that very problem, but if you cannot find it, please start a new one. And given the fact that KDE4.2 is pretty much released by now, please start it in the applications forum.

Thank you!


There has been some chatter in the build service about repo’s and the changes needed for this 4.2 release.

Has anyone been able to work out if and where 4.2 will be after it becomes released. Will it remain in Factory?:\

AFAIK in 11.0 the KDE4.1 was in Factory, even after the final release.

You can add 4.2 now if you like. Just add the KDE 4.2 build service repos remove the KDE 4.1.4 repos, if you are using them. Install the YaST Factory update add in or run zypper dup as root.

It may not play nice with some of the other build service repos so I would read the notes on build service before you do this so you do not create a large number of dependency problems when the KDE back end components upgrade to 4.2 versions.

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Since the 11.1 distro is already finalized I do not think they will push all of the 4.2 packages through the update repos. 11.1 is already using some 4.2 packages, Phonon for instance.

i would very much hope/expect that 11.2 will come with KDE 4.3 by default!

FYI Re: [opensuse-factory] KDE4.2 Final - in anticipation of,

I am currently doing a 688 mb upgrade and most of the packages are kde4.2

I’m up and running. Nice!!

I am running 11.1 4.2RC installed from a live CD. Will I be able to upgrade the same way as you or will I need to install again?

Me too, me too! Nice upgrade, my settings are also migrated unlike in 4.1.3 -> <4.2.

@OldGaf in this thread is described which repositories you need to add. It should be work with a live CD also - it’s just an update.
Good luck!