KDE 4.2 can't move panel applets

Bug 154119 – Moving/resizing applets on the panel

This was supposedly fixed in KDE 4.1, but that’s obviously not the case, because I can’t move anything on the panel to where I want it. Everything is stuck to the left side of the panel. I can rearrange them, but I can’t move them to the right side of the panel. This is completely unacceptable. Does this bug affect you too, and should I file a bug report to OpenSUSE or upstream?

Works fine for me on two KDE 4.2 systems, and also works fine on one KDE 4.1 system.

Here is a video:

2shared - download KDE 4 Sucking.ogv

If you notice my bottom panel, I can move stuff to the very right or to the very left, but nowhere else. That’s a little better, but still not optimal, and I can’t get any other panels to behave like this.

Have you tried using a panel spacer? It might not be exactly what you’re looking for but it’ll produce the same effect.