kde 4.2 beta is AWESOME!

This is to the devs - I might need to repeat this on the kde forums but I know some opensuse devs are also kde devs.


I notice a majority of posts lately have been bug reports or complaints so I just wanted to give some thanks for a change.

I had been running 4.1.3 on 11.0 for a long time and it certainly wasn’t bad - but I recently read about vast improvements in Kwin compositing and given I was using neither compiz nor kwin due to serious problems with both (which I won’t go into) I thought I’d give it a try.

Well where do I start to rant about how many improvements there are:

  1. Kwin runs beautifully and thanks to a tip about setting initialpixmaps to 2 for nvidia cards it is smoother than compiz-fusion and doesn’t have weird bugs due to incompatibility with kde4 (obviously because it is kde4’s window manager)

  2. Kwin has much better options to tweak and adjust- I love it

  3. Plasma - Fair Dinkum! Plasma just keeps getting better and better. The polish is soooo much better, the much more discrete transparent bar to move/change widgets is great!
    Finally there are a heap of useful widgets and I can even install google gadgets directly - simply amazing! (Still haven’t figured out how to remove a widget from the list/uninstall it)

  4. KDE control panel - more options now available and even within the applets there are more settings to configure things with.
    Little additions like in phonon/multimedia settings you can now test the audio directly with a little play button. I’ve always loved how with phonon I can tell it to prefer jack so then I don’t have to start/stop apps that do/don’t support jack connection - if it connects to phonon then it connects to JACK!!!
    Only thing I need to do now is get adobe to make flashplayer connect to phonon - oh how sweet that would be.

Sure there will be a few bugs I come across and some that are yet to be fixed but I’ll save that for another thread - this is positive stuff only.

Once again thanks and you’ve made my new year all that much happier! =)

I’m with you on this. Totally awesome.

Tell you what though. I have it running on a 11.0 _64 box and 11.1 x86 Laptop. And the Oxygen desktop panels are totally different.

Yes, I agree, KDE 4.2 beta is really nice (if autologin is disabled ;)), especially that the networkmanager plasmoid is now working is really nice. :slight_smile:

Can you please explain where you set initialpixmaps?

That ‘autologin’ issue was a real pain for some. I never use autologin anyway so the issue never presented itself for me.

I was wondering about that nVidia setting. But my card works flawlessly - so I will not be fixing what doesn’t need fixing.

I just made a script and then added it to autorun:

do this:

nano kwinpixmap.sh

copy and paste this:

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2

save it

chmod +x kwinpixmap.sh

then in ‘Personal Settings’ → ‘Advanced’ → ‘Autostart’ select add script, locate your script and set to run at startup.

It might be worth just trying to open a konsole and if it is slow to resize it then do this in that konsole:

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2

then try resizing the konsole again and if it is really quick the solution above should work well.


Hmmm, I see no difference.
That might be because I use the latest beta drivers, they might have changed that already. :wink:

More Info: User:Lemma/KDE4-NVIDIA - KDE TechBase

Thanks so much, these settings fixed my slowness.

I thought it was my laptop that could not handle the KDE4 desktop.