Kde 4.2 and kde4-gtk-qt-engine


I recently upgraded kde 4.1.4 to 4.2 and one of the side effects is that kde4-gtk-qt-engine does’t work anymore.
All gtk apps like firefox looks terrible ! :\

Is there a way that gtk apps looks like kde theme for kde 4.2 ?


Try kcm-gtk

Hi farcusnz,

Thank you for your fast answer ! :wink:
For sure, I will try kde4-kcm_gtk (is it replacing kde4-gtk-qt-engine in 11.1 ?).

Hope this will solve my gtk apps display issues.


kde4-kcm_gtk only helps to theme gtk apps under kde. the best thing to do is to apply qtcurve. gtk-qt-engine does work for me after update(it didn’t before) but imho it does it job poorly

Thanks for reply ! :slight_smile:

I tried kde4-kcm_gtk with QtCure but I’m not fully satisfied. The scrollbar is not themed, and the theme doesn’t really comply with the oxygen theme.
I also tried oxigen theme for firefox, but it is not really satisfying (ie: the scrollbar remains not themed and blue). :’(

jurgis : Could you tell me from which repo comes from yourkde4-gtk-qt-engine package ?


The blue scrollbar is from QTcurve. There should be an option within QTcurve to change this setting.

btw - using QTcurve is not a requirement of kcm-gtk. You should be able to use whatever style / theme you prefer and it should stick in gtk apps.
Opensuse switcehd to kcm-gtk from gtk-qt because kcm-gtk does a better job.

Following your advices, I searched an oxygen theme for gtk.
I found this one, that I installed :

KDE4 Oxygen new port for GNOME GNOME-Look.org

And I must say that it renders pretty good ! :wink:

Thx !

but you shouldn’t need a seperate theme for gtk apps. That’s the idea of kcm-gtk. You should be able to use your kde theme in gtk apps without problem.

Hi! I’m using OpenSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.2, and I installed the 11.0 version of kde4-gtk-qt-engine. I didn’t use 1-click Install, but I downloaded and installed the right package manually from the OpenSUSE Build Service. It installed with no problems. It’s working well, and so far I haven’t noticed anything wrong. But I wonder why they won’t make the package officially for 11.1. It has everything that kcm_gtk has, and even more…

kcm-gtk does not apply kde theme to gtk apps. kde4-gtk-qt-engine does it. i downloaded mine from kde4 factory community repo. but if you use default colour scheme then i guess downloading a seperate oxygen theme for gtk is a better option. as i said - kde4-gtk-qt-engine does it’s job very poorly