kde 4.2 and compiz

Using compiz with kde 4.2:
By scrolling list boxes the single elements are updated only on mouse over. Is that a persistent bug or some mistake in my configuration?
Thanks for any information!

Can you elaborate on this a little more? I can’t understand what you’re saying. Perhaps provide a screen shot?


Thanks, ijbreakey! I just deleted the factory repos and installed instead the new ones for kde 4.2.2.

Well, I explain you better what was the problem:
Things like “Add Widgets” or “Install Software” are controls called list boxes. The single fields can be filled with text and graphics. By scrolling such filled lists, the new fields were appearing and the old ones were not moved up or down like usually, but left unchanged until the mouse pointer was not on them. Very unpleasant! Clearly X was updating the portion of desktop in the list, but only under the mouse pointer.
Regards from an old windows developer! :slight_smile: