KDE 4.2.4 Repo Errors?

I’m running OS 11.1x64 & KDE 4.2.

For about the last couple of days I have been getting an error from both Yast & the Suse Updater. It says something to the effect that it can’t find an “.xml” file in the directories for KDE 4.2 Desktop and earlier it was the same for KDE 4.2 Community updates.

Are there some servers down or is this something local? Everything has been working fine except for this.

You need to move on, 4.2 is out of here

I recommend this
KDE4.3.* Upgrade - HowTo - openSUSE Forums

Okay, thanks. I’ll give it a go . . . Got to do something about all the KDE apps lit up in red in Yast software management.

Can you post:

zypper lr -d

No need now. :slight_smile: The red listings in Yast were because of the now missing KDE 4.2 repos. Replaced them with the 4.3 ones, ran the update, now all is fixed! :cool: