KDE 4.2.3 Repository?

Hi Gang,

I see that KDE 4.2.3 has been officially released. Is there a repository yet? According to the Wiki the Factory Repository now contains 4.3, and the 4.2 Core repository has a date of 22 April, so it would be 4.2.2.


Rod Schaffter

I’m looking for the repo that contains 4.2.3 also.

And I already have it without adding anything to my repo list (from the same repos that contained KDE 4.2.2 before).

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

Looking at the Repository contents, you are indeed correct-the Wiki page is unclear:

KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

4.3 currently resides (as expected) in the Unstable repository

I had updated from the Factory Repository the other day, and had lockups of Dolphin after changing file permissions via the Properties menu, so I had rolled it back to 4.2.2.



Not really => “(soon to be 4.3)”

which most certainly means “after KDE 4.3 is officially released” (otherwise an extra “unstable” repo would not make sense).

Anyway, this one here is absolutely clear:


Well, the thing is in the opensuse-kde mailing list is said that KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop will contain KDE 4.3 really soon… for sure before upstream releases it.

And from the last KDE meeting (KDE/Meetings/2009 04 30-minutes): - openSUSE

Still lack of agreement about whether KDE:42 should be pegged to 4.2.2!

Read the full discussion at KDE/Meetings/2009 04 30-transcript - openSUSE

…so, I would say it isn’t clear to anyone.

I’ve been using:


which lags behind the factory version a bit… wondering if they’ll dump 4.2.3 in that area as well or if I should turn my other repos back on for Factory 11.1 :confused:

or maybe can’t 4.2.3 comes to 42-three… ?
…or must 42-three is 4.2.2 all times? now and the future… spring, sommer, fall …2009, 2010…

Problem is kde progression is so fast ATM
4.2.2 for me is fine from the (42).
maybe once 4.3.* is getting good report, I’ll shift to it on my main work machine. I have been trying it in Virtual Box - seems good mostly.

Yesterday night, I did a “zypper up”. KDE version jumped from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3!
I had the KDE Factory repository set.

No problems so far :slight_smile:

I will not update my KDE 4.2.x eweryday, but ones per month -updateing was well …if it maybe finded from repos …42.3 (now 4.2.2) and in juni 42.4 and after → to 4.3 in july or august…

4.2.3 is most fixed and stabil than 4.3-alpha/beta

We all are not beta-testinger… but we like working with new and more stabil-version

sorry my poor and bad ‘english’!

It is too early change now to 4.3 alpha/beta-version for my

When is that ‘soon’?

As Will Stephenson points out, if you’re following the KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop repository, you’ll soon start getting KDE 4.3 packages. If you want to keep on with the KDE 4.2 packages, use the new KDE:42 repo. The live CD is pre-configured to use this repository, so no need to worry about getting moved to 4.3 unless you change it.

The 4.2 repository now contains 4.2.3, so it’s probably time for me to switch off the Factory repository, although some files in Factory are newer than those in 4.2.

EDIT:Looking closer not everything has been updated to 4.2.3-I’d better keep Factory for a while. I would expect 4.3 to start showing up there early next week when 4.3 goes beta.

As an aside; does anyone know what happened to the Extra Apps Repository? it had Koffice2, among other things.



It’s not in Factory
And whilst webpin shows it in unstable but it’s not.
So not sure

I’ll check back in here shortly

The 4.2 repo still contains KDE 4.2.2 :wink: And I also want to see Koffice 2. I remeber I wanted to try it but I couldn’t find it

You should try the Factory repository for KDE4.3 (It was having 4.2 earlier and now 4.3. I think the old set is moved to the link you posted.)
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

I think you mean here:
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Playground/openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_UNSTABLE_Desktop

You might be able to add this repo and just install the koffice part, then disable the repo
It will need some careful repo management afterwards too.

Thanx for that pointer to Koffice2!

EDIT it won’t install because of dependencies; it must be compiled against the 4.3 libraries. :frowning:

The 4.2 repo seems to now contain 4.2.3, so I cut off the Factory Repository…