KDE 4.13 Baloo - Thoughts

Now that KDE 4.13 had landed and yet another wonderful indexer is with us in the form of Baloo, what are peoples experiences of Baloo ? Is it just as awful as nepomuk ?
I personally detest file indexers as I usually find them resource hogs and of little value.

I was reading the Arch forums and there seem to be a few issues.


Appreciate feedback on anyone’s experiences before I run with 4.13.


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My thought is to uninstall it as soon as possible, as it freezes my pc after 1 minute. I have already force shutdown twice. Now I’m in windows to find a solution to uninstall this thing, which I don’t know what it does.

Each to their own of course - I’m not convinced Baloo is ready for prime time yet.

Personally I have disabled file indexing with: “Indexing-Enabled=false” in (~/.kde4/share/config/) “baloofilerc”

As an aside: if you’re after powerful, configurable, fast, and low system overhead file indexing; and, KDE integration is of no concern, I’ve been extremely impressed with “Recoll”.


Thanks to all those who replied.

Given the rise of SSD’s and the ability to organise files in a way so you actually know where to find them, I seriously question the need for an indexer in this day and age. I think I’ll give it a go with 4.13 but probably regret it and reach for my shotgun to remove every last vestige of Baloo.

Baboon is not ready for prime time, and is more like a beta. I’m not sure why it was released with KDE 4.13, because it has numerous bugs and is bad with torrents, BOINC, and sucks system resources. It commits way too often, and currently there’s no way to turn it off within the GUI (although there should be). baloo_file_cleaner got stuck in an infinite loop on my machine, and took 100% of one core and wasn’t doing anything. I killed the process. You can read the backlash the dev is getting on his blog here, and he has acknowledged that there is a bug with baloo_file_cleaner and it can be killed: http://vhanda.in/blog/2014/04/desktop-search-configuration/

This piece of software should not have gotten through and released the way it is, and to add insult to injury, a novice user is gonna have some trouble finding a GUI option to kill the Baboon! I have one question for the KDE team:

What the hell were you thinking?!?!?!?!

Be sure to file a bug report at http://bugs.kde.org

As said above, each to his own.
In my case, a quad core and big hdds/directories, it took about 6-7 hours, one core 100% to transition from nepomuk, but now has very little if any CPU footprint. I will note that it seemed to have little impact on the computers performance while doing the initial conversion.

The search plasmoid, milou, has a rather minimalist appearance, but seems REALLY FAST to find stuff.

And again, we all have different work habits - but you will not find me claiming that I can maintain enough manual organization on a 2TB drive to be able to find what I am looking for in a finite amount of time. Once I figure out how to let it work on my backup drive, I’ll index it as well - takes forever to do a Dolphn search.

By all means, kill it if you don’t need it.

I am more inclined to see what it can do for me, when compared to nepomuk, which never gave me a good impression.

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