Kde 4.12 Does Not Remember Folderview Settings

I put Folderview plasmoids on the desktop for Documents, Music and Downloads. If I log out and log back in I have three “Home” Folderviews. Kde is forgetting the folders I put on the “Desktop”.


This is annoying. I set up my desktop, panel, icons, widgets, plasmoids; get it all arranged the way I want and as soon as I log out KDE forgets all those settings.

There must be some way to make KDE remember my settings.

I saw this post yesterday and hesitated - because I don’t have a solution.

I have to say I still find the Plasma desktop rather shoddy. Yes it’s looking nice, but there is still a long way to go.

Have you tried right click desktop - desktop settings
in the Desktop Activity drop box select folder view

If I add widgets of any sort and move them about, lock widgets
at next login they all move to top left!
So I just leave it plain.

I keep a backup of my .kde4 folder that I know is OK. (I have had this since I installed OS11 when kde4 was 4.0.4)

If I try starting with a fresh .kde4
It’s OK at first login, but if I logout and back in - the panel is messed up, the clock is over where start should be and even if you manage to move them all in place, at next login they are all over the place again.

I recently installed kde4 on my laptop too and it took forever to get the panel sorted. And all I can say about that is it more by luck than design.

I’ll still be installing kde3 with the next release.

I was afraid of that. I’m going to have to stick with Kde3 for now. Just finding too many annoyances.

Thanks for the help.