kde 4.11 opensuse factory window decorator buttons not always rendered

My notebook has radeon 7340 HD and I am using catalyst 13.8 beta2 drivers. I installed milestone 4 and all was fine, until kde was updated to 4.11 RC or release, then this started happening. The top right and left corners of the windec are not rendered, including buttons. Hovering over the area makes the button visible without the background title bar. Resizing or any operation that refreshes the window will make it look correct.

With desktop effects turned off, it renders correctly. Nothing else helps. Using oxygen is better- other windecs are even worse, with the entire title bar not rendering properly. Removing transparency/blur effect has not effect. Played with opengl settings- 3.1, 2.0 etc no difference. Various tearing prevention settings, both in kwin and fglrx settings have no impact.

Most likely kde#323065