KDE 4.11 is now in Tumbleweed

Hi all,

If you haven’t noticed, KDE 4.11 is now in Tumbleweed, and be sure you
are updating by doing:
zypper dup
otherwise, it will not work properly for you (you have been warned…)


greg k-h

Upgrade to 4.11 went OK. Thank you.
What was strange, that “zypper dup” process stopped after kernel-desktop installing <100%>. I started upgrade again after I locked kernel upgrade with “zypper al kernel*” and upgrade went without a problem. Then I upgraded kernel with Yast2 again. The same problem with kernel 3.10 has happened perhaps 3 times. Another software that has sometimes problem with upgrade is pango - an upgrade is not finished. I am curious, if the same problems have other users too.

Thanks a lot, Greg. FYI: all well here.

I had that pango problem. Then I changed the tumbleweed repos (both opensuse and packman) to priority 98, and left the others at 99. No more pango problems since that change.

Oh, and the KDE 4.11 upgrade went well.

I’ll try it. Thank you.

My upgrade to 4.11 resulted in an error in which KDE bombs and restarts constantly. My son actually ran the upgrade and said he had a package error that he ignored (sigh) so I believe one of the components needs to be replaced.

In my mind the easiest way to do that would be to drop into command line, go to init 3, remove KDE and reinstall it. Any thoughts on that course of action, and if so which package name should I uninstall and reinstall?

Thanks in advance!