KDE 4.1 with OpenSUSE 11.0

When the new version of KDE released, the OpenSUSE 11.0 automatically upgrade to that version?
and if not, there will be a community version with KDE 4.1?

Thats good question- i know just that there are version for opensuse of kde 4.1 beta

No problem. New version of KDE will be upgraded automatically from repository.

Are you sure? the KDE version will automatically upgrade to 4.1 at the time?
It ain’t cause software stability problems?

Hmm, I don’t think it’s known if openSUSE 11 will automatically update to KDE 4.1 through the official update repository. I doubt it though. Suse tends to officially support the version shipped, so KDE 4.0.4 will continue to receive bug fixes and security updates but it won’t move to KDE 4.1. If you think back to openSUSE 10.3, it shipped with KDE 3.5.7. You could obtain 3.5.9 from the OBS, but if you just used the update repo…then you stayed with 3.5.7 the whole time. Expect the same to happen with openSUSE 11.

The only exception might be the PIM suite. Since it is backported from the KDE 4.1 series…it is sure to receive any additional stabilization work & bug fixes from KDE 4.1.

KDE 4.1 (the complete desktop) will be made available via the openSUSE Build Service, the beta is already available in the OBS. So you will be able to get 4.1, and it will be patched, but it is not “officially” supported. So if you report a bug against KDE you need to mention that you are using KDE 4.1 from the OBS.

Remember it’s not just a matter of updating the packages. There are so many changes in KDE 4.1 that updating automatically would also involve other changes like updating the appropriate help documentation. Such changes would also hurt products like the “OpenSUSE 11 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Bible”.

So in short: KDE 4.1 should be available upon release in the BuildService but not delivered automatically via the update repository.

Quick answer. No 4.1 will not be pushed out via the Online Repository. The life of KDE for openSUSE 11.0 is KDE 4.0.4.

If you would like KDE 4.1 (or the most recent) you’ll have to add the Factory or Unstable Build Service.

I’m going to guess that updating to 4.1 isn’t just going to happen through the repos. It’s got way to many new features and stuff to be considered as a “patch” and considering they won’t even update FF3 to RC3 right now proves that point. However, I do see them providing an update for FF3 at the end of June to get us to the final version. As for KDE 4.1, I think it will be a side repo that will update us to that. I noticed they skipped over 4.0.5 for packaging and I think it makes most sense to make 4.1 an optional update via an added repo. It’s finally getting near what KDE4 promised but the added work that the SUSE team put in on the theming would be gone, and the system tray in 4.1 sucks to me. However, I will still upgrade. 4.1 offers way to many features for me not to. In fact it’s running on this laptop right now.

Yeah, no way 4.1 goes out as an official update. The opensuse KDE desktop is just too crafted and the possibility of increased points of failure and regressions is just too much an element of reality. But that’s where the build service comes in…

I read that 4.1 will be the KDE desktop for 11.1, and (as already stated) 3.5.9 and 4.0.4 for 11.

At the same time, if you wanted, you can add the repo and download the 4.1 beta right now.

Almost all the major fixes and development has been on the 4.1 branch, with little being ported back to the 4.0 branch the KDE devs themselves, though from what I understand, the openSUSE devs have been porting some stuff back to the 4.0 branch.

If the 4.1 branch is significantly better, I can see it getting pushed as an update.

I’d love to see it but then it’s almost a rolling release.

Ok, so lets say I install OpenSuSE and wants the new KDE 4.1. What repository from here: KDE/Repositories - openSUSE should I use?
(and how to add this repository?)

By the way, there will be a community version of OpenSuSE 11.0 which include KDE 4.1? (Just as the Kubuntu project does…)

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0

Right…4.1 (and later) will be provided by the community build service. It’s just a matter of whether you prefer to have officially supported packages or participate in the ongoing development of the KDE desktop.

The only reason I think 4.1 might get pushed as an update, is that it includes so many major bug fixes. 4.0.x isn’t horribly stable. Hopefully 4.1 final will be better.

Novell has to decide which would be easier to support. It is a big update with some serious changes, but it might be easier to support.

So there will be a community version which include 4.1?
I mean that this come pre-build in the installation DVD…
Or I must get it by the repositories?

It’s going to be a repo only update. No way it will be on a DVD or anything.

Wouldn’t it be more likely to be :


or would those only be the backports of KDE 4.0.x?



I will wait and see what happens. Since then 10.3 if fine for me :slight_smile:

The OBS is undergoing a restructuring for KDE4:/ repos. KDE4:/Factory: will be the current snapshots for 4.1, at least if I’m interpreting the mailing list messages correctly. STABLE and UNSTABLE will reflect 4.0.4 and whatever the current release is from KDE (4.0.5 so far), AFAIK.

Hope this helps…?