KDE 4.1 Wifi plazmoid = Toggle compositing switch?

When updating my KDE 4.1 install from factory I noticed that the kde4-plasmoid-wifi had the following description:

kde4-plasmoid-wifi - Toggle Compositing Plasmoid

This is a kde 4 plasma applet which displays the signal strength of the access point your wifi nic is currently connected to. It makes no attempt to do any configuration itself, but only reports on the state of the connection.
Author: ------- Mark Jaroski"

Makes you wonder if someone is building packages without enough sleep/coffee or they are just getting ahead of themself.

Now I was very excited when I saw that YaST was installing the “toggle Compositing Plasmoid” because I like that in 4.0.x and miss it in 4.1. My excitement soon ended once I saw the same of the package that was being installed though. Anyone know if the Compositing switch will make it into the KDE 4.1 community repo?

I will point this out in the bugzilla so it can be corrected.