Kde 4.1, wasn't it supposed to be a one click install?

I guess my title means everything. I’m a new in opensuse, i’ve been on mandriva and kubuntu for a year by now, and I have to say that Yast thing disapoints me XD

I did build the Kde 4 RC1 on my ubuntu and went fine, so you can guess I was surprised when I get to a “one click install” for opensuse. I clicked. And then Yast opens and told me there’s lots of dependecies missing, and guess what, it doesn’t seem to know where to find 'em. I’d just like to install the RC1 on my opensuse, have you got any idea? Am I such a noob? ^^

Thanks guys and sorry for my poor english.
Opensuse 11.0

Did you try this link KDE/KDE4 - openSUSE if so heres another, just add the repos KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

I’ve done like you said but still got a bug with the package plasma addons, says needs a dependancie like li plasma or something.
And now that i’ve got the 4.1 RC1 installed, I haven’t got the dolphin player like I should… Does it means I haven’t installed like it should?


I’m not sure that dragonplayer is installed by default. Check in YaST or zypper if you can see it, and then install it.

Can you write the exact dependancy error message you get with the plasma package ?

Did you try this as discribed in the installation page that was previously mentioned?

If you get a message that dependencies cannot be resolved, enter the “Advanced Mode” of the one-click handler and enable the “standard” online repository of your distribution.