kde 4.1 unsuccessful login


when I typped my password to login screen, I see only nvidia logo and login screen is displayed again.
This problem is after installing kde 4.1 from


Can you help me?

I have a the latest opensuse. My graphic card is Nvidia 5600 fx.

PS: with kde 4.0 everyone was OK.

Try to login through the console.
Press CTRL+ALT+Backspace(the X envoirment will shut down now) and type your account name and password. If you logged in successfuly it will bring you something like “Login succesfuly!” message. Then you just have to type “startx”, “startkde” or “kdeinit”- all these make the same action - starting the graphic envoirment and in your case it’s KDE 4. If you’re not logged in, then you’ll be able to see a system message with the error and find out if the problem is in your graphic envoirment or it’s a problem with the account, privileges or something else.