KDE 4.1 - Theme/Desktop settings lost on logout

Hi There,

Apologies if that has been seen before but I’ve searched the forums and cant find anything relevant - I’m running suse 11 with the latest KDE 4.1 version and compiz on two machines, my laptop with an ATI card and the home PC with an Nividia - everything appears to be working fine except no matter what theme or console settings etc. I choose, when I log out and back in the desktop is reset suse default (Aya).

I’ve tried creating test users etc and the fault is there too so I dont think that deleting my .kde4 folder is an answer.

I’m a definate Linux newbie so any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

KDE4 is beta software, and NOT ready for general desktop use, unfortunately the warning wasn’t at all clear on the DVD, or the KDE4 liveCD.

KDE 4.1 is the very latest test version and is updated nearly daily, it is bound to do silly things unfortunately.

I would recommend removing KDE4 and installing KDE3, Gnome, or another desktop in order to save your sanity.

Have you tried:
Start Menu>Configure Desktop>Advanced (Tab)>Session Manager>Restore manually saved session

And then
Start Menu>Leave>Save Session

Nice Idea :slight_smile: But…nope :confused:

Interestingly It remembers wether or not Desktop widgets are locked and that fact that I’ve selected “restore manually saved session” etc. but not that I have chosen a different theme in “Desktop Settings” or a color scheme for Konsole or Yakuake.

Are these changes written to some sort of hidden config file that for some reason is not being read in at login time or written properly too when the changes are made?

For instance with Yakuake/Konsole it doesnt remember that I’ve chosen “green and black” or the font size, But…If i go back in and edit the current profile to “green and blank” it “remembers” the original background transparancy setting I choose when I first configured it a couple of weeks ago.

FalconP’s suggestion worked for me on the second try. I too had been trying to get my theme settings to stick (KDE theme as well as emerald). I got both to stick by following the said steps once, then logging out/in, changing the theme settings (with emerald --replace having been entered into a terminal) and logged out/in again. Terminal starts (but without a command entered) theme is set, desktop effects with emerald are working. Not really anything new, but maybe it will work for you…