KDE 4.1: Print screen hotkey not working

For some reason my Print screen hotkey has stopped working. It used to open kde4-ksnapshot (back in KDE 4.0.4), now nothing at all happens when I press Print screen, Alt-Print screen or CTRL-Print screen. Nothing at all. Ksnapshot is installed though, and also fully working.

I checked the shortcuts & hotkeys in system settings and they seem to be correct. What happened there?

I experienced the same - not sure why it changed.

I first tried to check/confirm the current keyboard shortcut:

Applications>> Configure Desktop (Personal Settings/KDE4)>> General tab: Computer Administration: Keyboard & Mouse>>Keyboard Shortcuts

I then see the following error in a dialog:

Failed to contact the KDE global shortcuts daemon
Message: No such object path '/KdedGlobalAccel'
Error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownObject

Abandon that route.
Try the KDE3 version of kcontrol, open up a bash shell:

# pushd /opt/kde3/share/applications/kde
# kcontrol &
# popd

Confirm shortcuts defaults are set:

Regional & Accessibility>> Keyboard Shortcuts>> Shortcut Schemes tab: Defaults: Apply

This won’t fix the problem but will make sure we are at a common point.
Now select:

Command Shortcuts tab>> Utilities>> Desktop>> KSnapshot/KDE4: Custom: <Ctl+Print>: Apply

Now you should be set :slight_smile:

Hope that helps

Right Click the Menu/Start button and choose ‘edit’ option.

Go to Utilities - Desktop -
Look for the Screen Capture Application and Highlight it

Now select Advanced tab
Select the Key in there;)

caf4926: Thanks. A much shorter way to get there.

My main intent was to emphasize that it seems kcontrol/kde4 is broken, but kcontrol/kde3 seems to work.
Two Q’s:

  1. kcontrol/kde4 works for you?
  2. Your start menu path uses a KDE3 app too - any other way of setting a shortcut using a KDE4 which works :wink: ]


+1 that did the trick for me too